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Bar & Drinks

When does the bar open and close?

You are able to choose from the following options for the bar opening time: - As soon as your guests arrive before the ceremony, in line with the wider venue opening - After your ceremony - After your wedding breakfast It is also possible to open the bar for soft drinks only service. Last orders are at 11:15pm, with the bar closing at 11:30pm and the wider venue closing at midnight.

Is there a corkage charge for drinks we bring in ourselves?

We do not charge corkage on any welcome drinks or table wine supplied by couples. These drinks can be dropped off here the day before your wedding, and we'll chill them overnight. Your caterer will be responsible for the glassware and service of these drinks, and will quote accordingly. We also offer very competitive prices and a range of options for welcome drinks and a strong wine list should you prefer to purchase directly from us. We are not able to allow evening drinks to be brought in by yourselves, or to use leftovers from your welcome or wedding breakfast drinks overs, but the staffing, management and stocking of the bar are included in the hire price. We also pride ourselves on having lower prices at the bar than most of the local pubs.

How does the Brookfield Barn bar work and whats available?

Our permanent and extensive bar is fully managed, staffed and stocked and included in the venue hire charge. We're happy to fully customise the bar opening and operation to your desires - whether that be keeping it closed until after the ceremony, or after the wedding breakfast, running an open bar or a pre-set tab for certain types of drinks. We offer draught & bottled beers and ciders including Guiness and Rekorderlig, a wide selection of wines and cocktails, and just about every spirit you can think of, as well as a large range of soft drinks and non-alcoholic options. Most popular is having the bar open as soon as guests arrive before your ceremony, and keeping it open all day as an alternative to your welcome drinks options and table wine during the wedding breakfast in case some guests prefer a particular drink from the bar. It is also popular to run a pre-set soft drinks tab for children and designated drivers for all or parts of the evening. The Brookfield Bar operates just like a high street bar and will ID any guest who looks under 25 years of age. Our bar team are friendly, energetic and professional and although it rarely needs to be enforced, do reserve the right to cease service to any guest who goes over their limit. We must also confiscate any alcohol from under 18s that has been bought for them.

Can we request a specific drink from the bar?

If you have a particular tipple - whether it be a flavoured spirit or soft drink - that you and your family and friends enjoy or means something special to you, then we will do all we can to source this for you. We are a free house so are not tied to a particular supplier. Should you want real ale, we enjoy a close relationship with the award winning micro brewery, Kissingate - located just down the road from us - who can provide an ale of your choosing to add to our guest selection at the bar.

What are the Brookfield bar prices like?

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of draught beers, cocktails, wines, spirits and soft drinks all at lower rates than the pubs in our area. In 2020, our draught beers, lagers, ciders and stout were between £3.40 and £3.90 a pint, and Smirnoff Vodka and Gordan's Gin were £2.50 for a single. A polite note here that as a licensed venue we cannot allow any alcohol, other than what is served by the bar or your caterers, to be consumed onsite. We hope that our low bar prices discourage any guests from wanting to bring their own drink to your wedding.

Our zero tolerance policy on illegal substance use

Unfortunately, the use of illegal substances at weddings is more common than we'd all like to think and we must actively enforce our zero tolerance policy. The team make regular checks aimed at catching any evidence of use of such substances throughout the day and evening. If evidence is found, as a licensed venue and in line with the Licensing Act 2003 we must: - inform the couple and show them the evidence, - immediately cease the sale/distribution of alcohol, with notices on the bar explaining why. This cessation will remain in place until the guest(s) responsible make themselves known and leave the premises. Should there then be a second occurrence of illegal substance, we will have to call the police immediately, shut the venue and end the wedding.

Can guests bring their own alcohol to our wedding?

As a licensed venue, we cannot permit guests to bring and consume their own alcohol onsite. If any such activity is found to be taking place, the events team will be forced to confiscate the alcohol, guest/s in question will be subject to a corkage charge and may be asked to leave. We hope that our substantial and competitvely priced offerings over the bar discourage any guests from wanting to bring their own alcohol to your wedding.