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How does the catering work at Brookfield Barn?

We have partnered with a range of experienced external catering suppliers from which our couples can choose their preferred option. These caterers have been selected not only for their consistently high quality service and reputations but also to ensure that couples have a wide choice of food, approaches, budgets and styles to choose from. We do not take any commission from our caterers and in exchange for that we can ensure that they are driven to provide our couples with the best possible pricing and ensure they treat our commercial kitchen as their own. All of our caterers will happily discuss your requirements and costs either in advance of, or after booking your day at Brookfield Barn. If you choose to reserve a date here, we always recommend enquiring with some of the caterers during the reservation period to check their availability. On your wedding day, caterers will provide all table linen, crockery, cutlery and are responsible for the glassware and service for welcome and table drinks and of course, the food. They will also set up the barn for the wedding breakfast and are the only possible source of teas and coffees. Your chosen caterer will provide a team of chefs in the kitchen, a front of house lead and a team of waiting staff. Our events team work closely with all the caterers across the day and our thorough understanding of each other's processes results in a seamless experience for you and your guests throughout.

Can we bring in our own catering supplier?

Unfortunately we cannot allow any catering suppliers outside of our approved caterers list to provide any canapes, wedding breakfast food or evening food. This is primarily to ensure we can manage and maintain our standards and in particular our 5 Star Environmental Health rating, but also to guarantee a seamless experience for you and guests - which we gain from the close working relationship between our events team and the catering teams. If you wish to have an ice cream van, then we ask that you use our approved supplier in this area. All other catering must be done through the approved caterers list. For sweets tables, wedding cakes and favours you are of course able to choose any supplier you like to provide these, or even do them yourself. We have a list of suppliers we have worked with regularly and recommend here.

What are the caterers' average costs per head?

Catering costs vary depending on a number of factors including what food is offered, the type of service (i.e. plated meals vs sharing platters), the number of courses and the number of guests. To get an up to date rough quote, we recommend enquiring with the caterers directly, but to give you an idea in the meantime: A three course plated wedding breakfast plus canapes served during the welcome drinks period would come in between £50-65 per head. A two course BBQ sharing platter wedding breakfast would come in between £40-£55 per head.

Can we have a buffet wedding breakfast?

We cannot accommodate buffet style wedding breakfasts, but this style of service can be effectively acheived with the evening food. It is also possible to acheive a 'table buffet' by opting for shared platters/boards of food for your wedding breakfast, meaing guests can pick and choose what they want to eat - with all their options on the table in front of them.