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Which parts of the venue are licensed for civil ceremonies?

Both the barn and outside ceremony area are licensed for civil ceremonies with 138 guests lead by West Sussex registrars. It is also possible to hold a non legal blessing ceremony in these areas. If you opt for an outdoor ceremony, but the weather doesn't look great, we're able to decide with you up until the morning of the wedding whether to go for the barn or stay outside.

What if the weather impacts our outside ceremony?

In some extreme cases, the Registrars may refuse to perform an outside ceremony and we tend to advise airing on the side of caution but ultimately, it is your choice on the morning of your wedding whether to stick with an outside ceremony or marry in the barn. The events team will be on hand with a highly accurate and trusted weather forecast to advise, which does often make the decision for you. It is also worth noting that as well as wind and rain, and because your guests will be out there near on 45 minutes, extreme heat can be a reason to have the ceremony inside, as the outside area has no shade and often feels a few degrees warmer than it is.

Who officiates civil ceremonies at Brookfield Barn?

West Sussex Registrars, who provide an excellent team of registrars that we work with closely. We advise booking your registrars during your 10 day reservation period with us. If you're having a non legal blessing, any celebrant or even a guest could lead your ceremony/blessing.

Where is the nearest church?

The Holy Trinity Church in Lower Beeding is a couple of minutes drive from Brookfield Barn and welcome wedding services from outside the Parish. Ultimately you can choose any church or alternative location to marry at and return to us for your reception.

Does Brookfield Barn allow non legal blessings?

Yes, whether officiated by a professional celebrant or a trusted family member or friend, blessings are always welcome and can take place either in the barn or outside ceremony area.