Recommended Suppliers

A selection of friends and favourites

These are the local suppliers who we have worked with the most and trust in their consistently high level of service. Of course, it is but a sample of the talent and expertise available to couples planning their wedding in our area, and we enjoy being introduced to new suppliers by couples all the time.

One of our approved caterers must be responsible for the wedding breakfast and any canapés and evening food, but for any other service it is entirely your own choice.

What are your fees?

Our fees range starting at 1% of the loan amount depending upon the LTV, condition and work involved on the project. We also may include a project management fee depending on the experience of the borrower. Many newer and mid-level investors find this service very valuable as they have added assistance to the project.

Do I need to have good credit?

No, as we are truly an asset based lending program. We look at the project and LTV along with our proprietary program for traditionally non-qualified borrowers.

How do I submit a project for a loan?

First you will fill out our basic information package for pre approval. Then you will submit our “Submission Package” detailing the project and loan requested.

How much interest do you charge?

Depending on the project type, condition, amount of work, and the experience and financial strength of the borrower interest starts around 9.9% range. With our unique Proprietary Programs for Beginners, Mid-Level and less financial strength of our borrowers affords slightly varied higher rates but with the following benefits: NO Monthly Payments by the Borrowers NO 3 Month Reserves of Capital NO Credit Checks NO Personal Guarantees NO Upfront Closing Costs Brought to Closing

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