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Timings of a wedding day at Brookfield Barn 

Our planning form will walk you through all the details and options for the timings on your day. Whilst there are many options, there are some key timings around how we work from which you can plan your day: 

The day before your wedding

If there is no wedding preceding yours, the venue will be available for set up 2-5pm the day before your wedding. If there is a wedding preceding yours, you'll be able to drop off your drinks and decor with us at around 4:30pm the day before your wedding.

The morning of your wedding

9am: The prep room and barn can be accessed by yourselves and your suppliers.

11am: The bar, terrace and lounge can be accessed by yourselves and your suppliers (for set up activities only).

Your wedding day

1 hour before the ceremony: The venue opens to guests

2pm: Check-in for guest rooms

11:30pm: The bar closes

11:45pm: Music off

Midnight: The venue closes and all guests to have left

Please note that we do not offer late night extensions under any circumstances.

The morning after your wedding

10am: Check-out for guest rooms, and any cars left overnight must be collected from the car park.

The flow of the day

To ensure you can fit each part of your day in without a rush, losing the light, or your guests going hungry, there are some timings and a typical structure that we recommend:

  • Venue opens for guest arrival one hour before your ceremony starts

  • Welcome drinks & photos 90 mins - 2 hours (the period between the ceremony and wedding breakfast)

  • First dance roughly 1 hour after your evening guests arrive

Of course, every wedding is different and there are some timings that make sense for weddings at a certain time of year or with certain requirements.

For example, if you were planning a winter wedding, and wanted lots of guest photos - we would suggest an early ceremony at 12 noon and a longer welcome drinks period to make the most of the daylight.

If you were planning a small summer wedding, with a relaxed BBQ platter wedding breakfast (as opposed to a traditional 3 course meal), we would suggest a later ceremony at 3pm and a short welcome drinks, with the opportunity for sunset photos after the meal.

Example wedding day timings

This is by no means a prescribed timetable, but perhaps a helpful indicator for the average timings of a wedding day at Brookfield Barn. More information on the key timings is available here.

If holding your ceremony here, West Sussex Registrars offer ceremonies on the hour.  1pm or 2pm tends to work best to fit everything else in without a rush, but ceremonies have also been held as early as 12pm and late as 4pm.

More details on timings are provided in your personal wedding planning form once you have booked with us.

12:00: Venue opens for guest arrival

13:00: Onsite ceremony starts

13:30: Photos, welcome drinks and canapés while caterers prepare the barn (90 mins - 2 hours)

14:00: Guest rooms open

15:15: Guests take seats for the wedding breakfast

15:30: Wedding Breakfast starts & speeches (2.5 - 3 hours, based on a 3 course meal for 100 guests with 30 mins of speeches)

18:15: Wedding Breakfast ends, guests turn out to the bar and terrace

19:00: Evening guests arrive

20:00: Cake cut & first dance in the barn

21:00: Evening food is served

23:15: Last orders at the bar

23:30: Bar closes

23:45: Music finishes & taxis

00:00: Venue closes

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