Recommended Suppliers

A selection of friends and favourites

These are the local suppliers who we have worked with the most and trust in their consistently high level of service. Of course, it is but a sample of the talent and expertise available to couples planning their wedding in our area, and we enjoy being introduced to new suppliers by couples all the time.

One of our approved caterers must be responsible for the wedding breakfast and any canapés and evening or other food service, but for any other type of supplier it is entirely your own choice.

Past Webinars

International Students: Challenges and Opportunities

Webinar Series

Spring 2020:

  • The Abstract Expressionism of D&I: Embracing the Value of Difference
  • Tech and D&I: Implications in Promoting an Inlcusive Workforce
    • TBD
  • One Step Back, Two Steps Forward: An Exploration of D&I Ideas and Solutions
  • GammaSAID What? The Politics of Identity and Language